Evaluation of Software Verification Tools: Another round

Date: 12 Oct 2016

The German Space Center (DLR) has commissioned BSSE with the extension of the activities carried out in 2015 for the evaluation of software verification tools. A team of companies and institutes under the lead of BSSE will extend the work initiated during the ESVW activity (Evaluierung von Software- Verifikationsmethoden und -Werkzeugen, Evaluation of Methods and Tools for Software Verification).

The new activity coined FSVW (Fortsetzende Evaluierung von Software-Verifikationswerkzeugen, Contiued Evaluation of Software Verification Tools) will re-examine some of the tools from the previous ESVW activity on new software, extending the set of languages considered from C to C++. The relationship between unit tests and the use of software verification tools will also be investigated.

The set of tools considered will be extended by two new tools - Frama/C and PC-lint - while dropping two of the tools from the ESVW activity, one of them being the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc).

The team led by BSSE consists of Airbus Defense and Space GmbH, etamax space GmbH - who were already part of the ESVW activity -, the System Quality Center of Fraunhofer FOKUS, and the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Wuerzburg.