DARTT automates testing of Ada functions from test case generation to test evaluation and documentation. The product offers high productivity of testing, coverage analysis, identification of exceptions and execution times. Starting of a script in the source directory is fully sufficient to run the automated tests and to get the results in an automatically generated document.

Major Features

(Features marked with * are in preparation)

  • Automated Function Testing
  • Random, Statistical and Incremental Test Steps
  • Automated Test Vector Generation (Input and Output)
  • Automated Robustness Testing and Fault Injection
  • Automated Coverage Analysis
  • Automated Control Flow Analysis *
  • Automated Exception Recording
  • Determination and Recording of Execution Times
  • Instrumentation support for Integration and System Testing
  • Automated Documentation
  • Code Analysis: Function and Type Properties
  • Automated Instrumentation: Assertions, Data Monitoring *
  • Auto-Porting (see paper)
  • Auto-Lock Removal
  • Full support for Ada GNAT, Aonix, TLD